Course #1: How To Make Your First $2,500 Online

Ideal for new entrepreneurs, small business owners looking to monetize themselves and their products online. Freelancers

Want to make an additional $2,500 online this year? There are many approaches you can take to make a second income your new reality. Through my online course, I will teach you the strategies and tactics needed to start earning money online in the 2020s.

Here are a few of the areas covered in this course:

  • How to make money using Affiliate Programs

  • How to make money as a Writer

  • How to make money 'flipping trash'

  • How to make money as a Freelancer in Canada

  • How to make money using Youtube

.....and much more!

Access this course by clicking the video below.

Course #2: 5 Steps To Publishing Your Book With Success - Coming Soon


Course #3: Medium 101: How to Start Writing With Success on Medium  - Coming Soon

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