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Fight For The Forgotten

International Partner

Since 2011, Justin and Fight for the Forgotten have provided nearly 3,000 acres of land and dozens of water wells to the Pygmies. Not only are they no longer slaves, they’re thriving, with Pygmy leaders embarking on multiple community development initiatives including education, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture.

Fahey Consulting is proud to partner with FFTF to help contribute to their cause. As a contributing partner to this ongoing project, 10% of all wellness products and services sold will go towards Justin's mission in The Congo.

Defeat Hate With Love

“I knew for the Pygmies to be free they needed to own their own land, have access to clean water, and develop sustainable agriculture. I founded the Fight for the Forgotten initiative to work to provide those things to them. With these three simple things, we can begin to break the chain of poverty, suffering, and even modern-day slavery.” 
-Justin Wren

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