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#HerBestDecade --> Sara Cowper's Story

What Impact has #YourBestDecade (YBD) left on your life?

Reading YBD really helped me narrow in on exactly what needs to be done to reach my goals. I’ve learned what things are going right, and what needs some work in order to reach my full potential. It really solidified that what I want for my life IS attainable and I can still excel in all areas of life on my way there.

Which chapter most applied to you and why?

For me, it was Chapter 8 - The Stories We Tell Ourselves. Negative self-talk is a trap I get caught up in often. First of all, knowing I was not alone in this was huge! Secondly, having some tangible steps to address this was exactly what I needed. One of the things that stood out to me was “We can become something greater than we were just one day before. What a blessing.” Why was I wasting time telling myself things that I would never in a million years say to someone else? And to think he was going to leave this chapter out!

What most excites you about living out YBD?

What excites me most about living out my best decade is how it is going to impact us as a family. The next decade will be a time of major growth for us, and such impactful years as we grow our family. Bringing them with me on the journey and putting these chapters into action in our life will help me be an example to them that we can work towards our goals with determination, while still enjoying life to the fullest.

If you could describe this book to someone in three words what would you say?

This was a hard one! The first few that came to mind were:




What is one major takeaway you have from the book?

My biggest takeaway would be that living with intention is the key. If you make every decision and move with your best decade in mind, you will succeed. Is this going to benefit me and my family, and get me where I want to go? And if you’re not in a period of change - what can I be doing today that is in line with my best decade?

When you envision living out YBD, what does it look like?

My vision for my best decade is time freedom. To spend my days with my family, allowing us to travel, visit family, serve others, and do so as a team. It will be a blessing for us to have the tools to help us reach our goals and be able to live out our best decade all together.

 For everyone out there who hasn't read YBD yet, what would you say to them?

If you’re looking for raw tips and tools on how to live your life at full potential - this is it!! Take it in, do the exercises, and then put it into action. There is no way you can read this without coming out empowered and stronger on the other side!


To connect with Sara about her story and her passion for personal development and wellness, feel free to reach out to her on IG: @saracowper

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1 Comment

You are an amazing daughter, mother, wife, nurse, and friend ! 💖 I am so proud of you and your journey. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you and your family. Thank you for sharing and letting us be a part of this. You are helping us all become better people by starting with a good , honest look into ourselves, what we really want out of life, and realizing that it is possible. We look forward to watching you continue to shine . ✨🌟✨

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