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How Katie Lamarche Is Living #HerBestDecade

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

I recently connected with Katie Lamarche, who just finished reading my latest book, "Your Best Decade" to learn more about how the book has made an impact on her life.

Here is what Katie had to say:

What Impact has #YourBestDecade left on your life?

After reading #YourBestDecade I am left with the feeling of empowerment, I am driven to live a life of intention, I am eager to crush some goals, and I am reflective on what I want for both mine and my family’s future.

I don’t think reading this book could have happened at a better time. 2020 was a year of challenge, struggle, isolation, and stress. It has knocked me down a number of times and I felt like I was starting to lose interest in all of the things that once made me happy. I was in a “funk” and wasn’t living my best decade or anything close.

Having the opportunity to read this book has provided me with the motivation that was difficult to find. It has challenged me in a positive and productive way. After only finishing the book a day ago I already feel more like my true, authentic self. Thank you Ryan for not only helping me reflect on what is most important in my life but also for helping me find “me” again.

Which chapter most applied to you and why?

The chapters that have resonated with me the most were The Three Truths of Significance and Legacy > Resume.

“If your influence can outlive you, you have the ability to leave an incredible legacy.” - Ryan Fahey

The quote above speaks volumes and has really resonated with me since reading the chapter Legacy> Resume. It stresses the importance of being intentional with every person you meet, to practice empathy, and to express compassion. It reminds you that wealth is far less important than the impact you make and the legacy you create with every person you meet, care for, and love. Life is too short and so unpredictable. Live a life of significance and start building your legacy today. That's what's important.

What most excites you about living out YBD?

I feel so empowered and motivated. I am excited to start exploring my passions and to discover the person I truly want to be and what legacy I want to leave. I feel prepared to navigate life with more intention in my professional, relational, and personal life.

If you could describe this book to someone in three words what would you say?


What is one major takeaway you have from the book?

My biggest take away from the book is to stop investing time into things that don’t fuel me and to instead start investing in a life of purpose, happiness, and engagement. It has challenged me to reevaluate where I am, where I hope to go, and how I’m going to get there.

When you envision living out YBD, what does it look like?

ALL THE HAPPINESS. When I do things that fuel my emotional, physical, and spiritual soul I feel the most balanced. My best decade is a life of growth, adventure, self-love, and spending all the quality time with those who mean the most to me.

For everyone out there who hasn't read YBD yet, what would you say to them?

Invest in yourself.

Purchase this book.

Grab a cup of tea (or beverage of choice), find a comfortable seat, and get ready to be inspired, challenged, and empowered. Ryan has written this book in a way that is engaging, fun, and easy to read.

This is just the beginning of building something incredible!

- Katie


To grab a copy of Your Best Decade, click here:

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