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Who Are You Becoming

We are two months into the new decade. What has changed?

For the majority, likely nothing.

Why? Because many people across the world are lost in the busyness of life. Their goals, ambitions and values all take a back seat to the urgent and important. However, the most important question you can ask yourself this year to find yourself actually making changes in your life is this: "Am I happy with who am I becoming?".  In the World Happiness Report from 2019, it stated that Americans are the most unhappy they have been in years. While there are many reasons for unhappiness, most of us fail to acknowledge the root cause of what truly makes us happy or unhappy. I can tell you this, we all work. We are all humans and we are all "doing" things.

Rather than focusing on what we are doing to steer us from being unhappy to being happy, what if we just started asking ourselves, "Am I happy with who I am becoming?".  If that answer is no, then it is time to start thinking about what you are doing. If the answer is yes, then keep going regardless of your income, influence or status. This spring, take some time to really think about this and how you can move from being "ok" to being your best. ----

It is time to create the decade that you want. It is time to create your best decade.

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